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    The “All Chapters” Collection contains all available chapters of A Sociology Experiment, for students assigned most or all of the text. The products listed on the left side of the page are the same materials included in that version, but sold as individual chapters.

    A Sociology Experiment was designed for instructors to assign whichever chapters make sense for their class, and for students to only purchase the chapters they need. Students are advised to purchase these individual chapters if they are assigned fewer than fourteen chapters of the book, or wish to pace out their purchases over the semester.

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    As of this time, we only provide our materials digitally. We do not provide hardcopies or versions which users can print.

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    We sell our chapters individually to minimize the financial burden placed on students, and to encourage instructors to only use the materials that make sense for their course. We designed A Sociology Experiment to be a modular resource that gives instructors plenty of freedom about how they wish to integrate our materials into their syllabus. We believe that if an instructor is only assigning half the chapters, that’s all students should be expected to purchase.

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